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Desert Arc’s Development Programs provide training and support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These programs are licensed by Community Care Licensing and follow Title 22 and Title 17 regulations. Development Programs are funded through Regional Centers and Department of Developmental Services.

Adult Day Center

The Adult Day Center provides a nurturing environment that enhances the lives of individuals who require more support. With an enhanced staff to client ratio, activities are designed to promote individual goals both on site and in the community.  The ADC program provides opportunities to enhance independence in daily living skills as well as promoting community and social growth. Pre-vocational training, volunteerism, arts & leisure exploration and self-advocacy skill building are integral parts of this program.

Behavior Management

Our Behavior Management program is designed to provide specialized support and training for individuals with significant behavioral challenges. The program offers activities that promote opportunities to develop and practice positive social and employment skills, while reducing negative behavioral incidents. With an enhanced staff to client ratio, the participants are provided an opportunity to practice their skills both on site and in community settings. It is the goal of the program to assist the individuals in developing improved self-respect and increased ability to interact with others.

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