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Arts Sports Recreation Programs

Desert Arc’s Sports & Recreation Programs were developed as an adjunct to funded programs to provide opportunities for individuals to become physically fit and achieve better health through sports training, the arts and social activities. Offered are a variety of programs throughout the entire year based on a seasonal schedule. The key objective of our program is to promote physical fitness, personal health, self-esteem, social interaction, and community integration.

Desert Arc Transportation Logo


Desert Arc’s Transportation Services offer the true meaning of “Desert Arc’s Mission in Motion”. With a team of 26 professional and dedicated drivers and the support of as many 1:1 bus aides; managing a fleet of 29 buses and many more smaller vehicles, Desert Arc travels the length of the Coachella Valley, Morongo Basin, and beyond. Providing curb to curb service for over 300 individuals with disabilities on a daily basis to and from home to their program site, our transportation staff are often the first people the client and family see each morning, and the last they see each night. Transportation services are provided through funding from the Regional Center system and generous grants through the CalTrans 5310 grant program.  

Cafeteria Services – Nutritional Meals

The Cafeteria Services Division provides nutritious meals and snacks and promotes overall well-being and socialization opportunities for all clients. The program is supported through a combination of federal and state reimbursements, grants, donations, and client and staff contributions. Many individuals who participate in our day programs are eligible for free meals and snacks. Those that do not meet the eligibility requirements pay a nominal fee for their meals.

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