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Desert Arc’s Employment Programs provide training, support and employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, taking into consideration each client’s unique needs and skills. These programs follow Title 17 regulations. Employment programs are funded through Regional Centers and/or the Department of Rehabilitation.

Work Activity Program

Desert Arc’s Work Activity Programs are designed to provide work-related experience through a variety of on-site contract and community trials. Informal assessments help to determine each client’s strengths as well as identify barriers to competitive employment. Based on these assessments and incorporating each client’s personal goals, an individualized plan is developed to assist in achieving their employment goals. Also provided through this program for those who are interested are on-site janitorial, landscape and cafeteria services where clients receive valuable training in these specific areas to assist in preparation for transition into community employment.

Group Supported Employment

Desert Arc’s Group Supported Employment Programs, also known as Enclaves or Mobile Crews are a small (3-4 person) crew that provides services in a work setting at businesses or organizations within the community. Each crew is supported by a full-time job coach who provides training and support to assist clients in performing their daily job duties. Along with job skills training, this program provides “soft skills” direction, helping clients learn and maintain appropriate social and interpersonal skills that are required for community employment.

Individual Placement

Desert Arc’s Individual Placement Program provides assistance for individuals interested in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community. Job development and placement are driven by each client’s personal choice, goals and job skills. Clients are paid at or above minimum wage.

Situational Assessment

This is a short term assessment for individuals who are interested in determining the type of work they would like to do, and what skills they would need to develop to become individually employed.  Participants perform the essential functions of a job in businesses in the community on a short term basis where marketable work skills, as well as potential barriers are identified.

Employment Services

This component provides opportunities for individuals to work in jobs of their choice, based on their individual strengths and desires, in integrated community settings. Very much like our Individual Placement Program, this program works directly with the Department of Rehabilitation and does not require association with a Regional Center.

Paid Internship Program (PIP)

This program provides services in the community as identified in each client’s employment plan.  Unlike the Individual Placement Program, clients are employed in the community for a specified period of time, agreeing with the employer that if they are successful and the business has an open position available when the PIP ends, they will consider hiring this individual for the open position.  

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