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3rd Annual “Color Your Sole 5k”

In 2014, two Coachella Valley women had a vision be a positive influence in the community in a small way. They wanted to do something that would give back and create a progressive impact in the community that raised them.

Tassy and Stacy

Tassannee and Stacy Estrada created a website titled, as a creative outlet for women to feel empowered. It was an online platform where women could learn about career paths, leadership, and health & wellness. The purpose of the site was to empower women to achieve their goals in both their professional and personal lives.

In 2015, the vision was expanded. “We knew we wanted to reach out to our community in a more personal way, and we wanted to connect with the entire community,” said Tassannee. “We had a vision to serve, and bring people together, while also keeping the topic of health at the forefront. That’s when we created ‘Color Your Sole’.”

“Color Your Sole 5k” is an active event to encourage people to live their lives in a positive and impactful way. “It was our simple way of communicating that mind, body, and soul are the three pillars for living your life to the fullest,” said Stacy.

In its first two years, proceeds from “Color Your Sole 5k” benefitted the American Cancer society. At the time, both women had a personal connection with cancer, as Stacy’s father and Tassannee’s grandfather had both been diagnosed with liver cancer. Stacy’s late father was the pastor of Capilla del Calvario in Indio, CA.

In the two years combined, “Color Your Sole 5k” has raised a total of $1,500 for the American Cancer Society and $1,000 for Capilla del Calvario ministries. In an effort to continue supporting our Coachella Valley’s non-profits, “Color Your Sole 5K” will donate proceeds to both Desert Arc and Capilla del Calvario Indio ministries.

This year’s 3rd Annual “Color Your Sole 5k” will be held on March 25th, 2017 at Lake Cahuilla Park, in La Quinta, CA. Registration will open at 7am and the run itself starts at 8am. We invite all participants to dress in their BRIGHTEST attire as they run, walk or jog through an amazing, scenic course. With no age restrictions, Color Your Sole 5K offers everyone a chance to brighten their life. So stretch your legs for a healthy workout and find fun with family and friends! For ticket sales and information, click the banner below.

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